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Brian Dinh

Brian Dinh

If you don’t already follow Instagram's best kept secret, aka @koredoko;
then take another hit off of that hand~rolled strawberry print joint,
cuz you're about to enter into a virtual candy store for your senses that
will leave you sugarhigh for days...

Part vintage collector & part magical unicorn; it's the styling, vintage/designer combos & candy colored surroundings that stand out as a category all it's own. Completely captivated, we invited
@koredoko to hand select a few must-have Sugarhigh Lovestoned pieces to plug into this magical world. 

scroll down to see the results & read the interview
with our newest Creative Creature:
Influencer/stylist & vintage hoarder ~ Brian Dinh/

Full Name:

Brian Dinh


Anaheim, California

Astrological sign:

Capricorn sun, Libra Moon, Virgo Rising

Who is your inspiration?

No one famous yet… but Zoe Mills,
a best friend whose intellect, talent in production, and beauty pushes me to grow.

Current obsession

Vintage, especially from the 70s.
But lately, I’ve been obsessing more over the 40s era in terms of clothing construction.

Favorite Breakfast food

French toast with maple syrup, of course

Hidden Talent

Shooting a rubber band with incredible accuracy

Favorite band/album

Favorite band: Sales / Favorite album: Hilary Duff’s Metamorphosis

Are you a morning person or a night owl?

Night owl.

What would be a good theme song be for your life?

First to say goodbye - Oh Land

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