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Zac Farro

Zac Farro

You may recognize Zac Farro from his music career.

He is the drummer of the band Paramore (yes, we just heard everyone’s inner 16 year old hearts skip a beat) He’s also the lead vocalist & drummer of the band Halfnoise. Not only is this handsome bloke a romantic musical mastermind, but he is also crushing it behind the lens.

We gave Zac a handful of pieces to work his kodachrome magic on & the results left us wanting more...

Scroll down to peep the interview with our first male (and totally crush-worthy) Creative Creature.

Photographer: Zac Farro

image1 (2).jpeg

Full name

Zachary Wayne Farro


Nashville, TN

Astrological Sign


So we know that you are a very talented musician, what made you get into photography?

I got into photography after traveling a bit when I was younger, seeing so many different countries made me want to start documenting it. Shortly after, I discovered I loved taking photos & I learned I loved film. Music & film photography are very similar to me. They both have the same electric energy.  

Are there any amazing photographers or artist that inspire you as a photographer?

 I think my favorite photographer has to be Linda McCartney. For films Id say Wes Anderson. 


Favorite Breakfast food

Avocado Toast

Hidden Talent

I can make a mean Margarita.

Attic or basement


Current obsession

Brazilian Jazz

Favorite movie

Life Aquatic


Favorite band/album

Rubber Soul, The Beatles.


To continue your obsession with Zac check out his music on Spotify: http://bit.ly/halfnoise-zacfarro

follow his instagram: @zacfarro & his polaroid photography page: @zpolariods

Zac Farro

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