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Liz Flores

Liz Flores

This week's Creative Creature 
is a self-taught painter from Chicago who can recite the lines from all of the
Lord of the Rings movies.
(um, we're obsessed with her already)

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the interview with our newest
Creative Creature:

Abstract artist,
Liz Flores 

Full Name

Liz Flores. My parents call me Elizabeth.

Astrological Sign



Berwyn, IL

What inspires you as an artist?

I'm inspired by everyday people going through everyday life, and also by the female form.  In my current work, many of the figures I draw are women. You’ll also notice all my figures lack things like clothes, hair, skin tone and sometimes even faces. I love taking a story and stripping it bare to shapes and lines.

How would you describe your style of art, & What made you gravitate toward that style?

I would describe it as abstract figure work,  but honestly, I feel like I am still refining my definition. It's funny because when I was younger I loved drawing comic book characters and never thought I would paint how I do now. I think when I started to get back into art after college, I realized that I didn't have a deep pull towards the realistic art I liked drawing as a kid. I was drawn to abstract work and now really enjoy working with large canvas. For a while, many of my pieces had a lot of tribal patterns added to them. Last year, I began painting figures without this pattern which left very simple and delicate line work. I've since fallen in love with that delicate nature. 

In 4 words or less, How would you describe your personal style?

Classic, simple, always evolving

Favorite breakfast food?


Hidden Talent & Current obsession?

Reciting the dialogue from all three Lord of the Rings movies verbatim

& Indie, my dog. 

Guilty Pleasure

Really cheesy action movies on Netflix

To learn more about Liz, follow her instagram: @lizitto

& check out her website!

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