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Sierra Prescott

Sierra Prescott

If you don't already know about
Sierra Prescott (or stalk her instagram)
then we suggest you get in the know.
Whether she's taking photos
or doing old school power slides on a skateboard; 
her smile & zest for life is contagious.

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Sierra Prescott: Skateboarder & Photographer


Has photography and skateboarding always been a creative outlet for you? 

100%.  It's actually super nutty to think about, but I fell in love with both before the tender age of 10. I was taking pictures with disposable cameras, then with my dad's hand-me-down Olympus point and shoot. I would pose and dress up my brother, my friends.. any athlete i could find. Skateboarding consumed my free time from 3rd to 8th grade,and I was always trying to capture all of us skater boys in action. I would have never in a million years imagined that both these seemingly hobby-like activities would infiltrate my career path and ridiculously saturate my life. It's a dream come true.


How did you get into skateboarding? 

My fascination with skateboarding started with it's infiltration of culture in the late 90's;  Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 had just been released, and Rocket Power was playing on Nickelodeon.   Once I picked up the game, I played it incessantly, and I craved the camaraderie of the extreme sports in Rocket Power.  There was this girl, Reggie, who skated/surfed/snowboarded did whatever with all her friends, all the boys.  Her being a girl meant nothing, and I dug it. I didn't want a skateboard, I needed a skateboard. So I got one, and we formed a crew.  Skated to school, from school, after school.. after homework, before homework. Any chance we got. It was my favorite. It's still my favorite. 


Do you ever set up your camera & take your own photos of you skating?

Actually yeah! That’s how it all started, with a mini tripod and an iphone, positioned on a sidewalk, either filming me or with a remote in my hand firing when I wanted. At this point, I have turned the tripod into a person and I set up shots and have a friend shoot them for me. It definitely allows for ore precision in composition, I dig it :)


What’s your worst skateboarding injury?

I've been pretty lucky to not have anything super dramatic happen, but I have TONS of scars. One of the gnarliest falls I had was at the crack of dawn in dewey Venice Beach.  I was warming up for an editorial shoot, skating 70's style.  Pumping hard, getting my blood flowing, straight and fast. Got to a certain point in the parking lot where I decided to crouch down for a turn, hard and fast. My wheels proceeded to slide across the pavement and my board shot out from under me, and the skin on my right hip caught all the impact. 6:13 AM and I have a hipper the size of my face, on my leg. Shot one "show me your hipper!" and the day went on. Each photo accessorized with a fresh shiner.  Some of my favorite photos ever taken; the scar will forever remind me that persistence is REAL. 


Sierra Prescott in a nut shell:

Astrological sign:


Guilty pleasure: 

Wake N’ Bake

Ideal super power:


Favorite breakfast food:

Egg white breakfast burrito smothered in hot sauce

Attic or Basement:


Morning person or night owl?


Favorite movie:

Arbitrary Decisions…

However here’s a list: Public Domain, V for Vendetta, A Beautiful Mind, Lords Of Dog Town, Dogtown and Z Boys, A Goofy Movie, The Emperors New Groove, Inception.

Cat or dogs?  

My cat (he's like a cat-dog)

Outfit details: Sierra rocks our Stoned As Folk Romper ~ Olive

To further your obsession with Sierra Prescott, you can follow her instagram: @sierra_prescott or go to her website: sierraprescott.com

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