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Margaret Rice

Margaret Rice

We were first introduced to Margaret’s work by our office flower child/in house photographer, Evan Margot. Ever since we peeped out Margaret’s work on instagram, we have been huge fan~girls! Her art will transport you with her blend of dreamy colors, feminine foxes, & tropical flowers. And because Margaret is also from Hawaii…to us, her art feels like home.

Please scroll down for the full interview of this weeks Creative Creature:

Illustrator ~ Margaret Rice

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Full Name

Margaret Rice

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Lanikai, Kailua, Hawaii

Margaret Illustrates our    Stardust Coveralls

Margaret Illustrates our Stardust Coveralls

How old were you when you first started drawing (or illustrating)?

Hmmm. Don’t know the exact age. I’ve really been drawing and painting all my life.

Margaret Illustrates our  Mercury Rising Romper ~ Cream

Margaret Illustrates our Mercury Rising Romper ~ Cream

Who or what inspired your illustration style?

My number one inspiration is my island home. I wake up everyday and am amazed that there is so much natural beauty. There is always a beauty and enchantment of lush colors, textures, and moods. It never gets old to me. And I totally die over anything from the artist Pegge Hopper. She’s my artist idol!

Astrological Sign?

Leo. Rawwwrrrr.

Favorite breakfast food?

Classic Eggs Benedict

Favorite movie?

Tough one. Can’t choose. Favorites are Sandlot, Grease, Fantasia, Inception. 


If you we're stranded on a deserted island what 3 CDs would choose to have with you?

The first three albums from No Doubt. Tragic Kingdom, Return of Saturn, Rock Steady. Im a forever fan.

Attic or Basement?


Your favorite quote to live by? 

Live by the sun, Love by the moon. - unknown


To learn more about Margaret you can follow her on

Instagram: @margie_rice

or her website: www.margaretricestudio.com

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