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Sophia Anne Caruso

Sophia Anne Caruso

This weeks Creative Creature has got a whole lotta shine…Stage shine!

If you haven’t heard of Sophia Anne Caruso yet, trust us, it is only a matter of time.

This actress/singer fox has been in show biz since she was 10 years old,
made her first Broadway debut at 15, & is premiering in her first Broadway lead
(Playing Lydia in Beetlejuice) this Spring at the ripe age of 17!

Scroll down to read the full interview with Creative Creature:

Sophia Anne Caruso

Sophia rocks our Denim Little Dipper Coveralls

Sophia rocks our Denim Little Dipper Coveralls


Hometown & Age

Spokane Washington. 17 years old.


We know that Music & Acting are a huge part of your life, How old were you when you started singing & acting? 

There are home videos of me going way back past my memory singing and putting on shows in my kitchen! I would have everybody sit on the couch and watch me dance to classical music and I remember always coming up with stories to tell. 


How and when did you realize that being on stage was is something you wanted to do as a career?

It’s always been my passion, my biggest distraction. I love working. I have a gift I can share everyday! It makes me so happy to make people feel! To laugh to cry to learn! 


What was your first audition like?

I begged my dad to bring me i was 5 & I sung a little cowgirl lullaby 


Current obsession

My dog. Always my dog.


Favorite breakfast food


IMG_6873 (1).jpg

Astrological sign



Favorite movie

Wings of desire 


Hidden talent:

I’m still looking for it :) Most of mine are exposed! I love to bake and cook vegan. I also love to make my clothes my own. I find vintage items and see vintage/antique lace or buttons on to add my own touch. My mom owned a vintage/antique clothing/jewelry store for years.

Photographer: @kennethbedwards

To learn more about Sophia you can follow her instagram


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