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Lucy Michel

Lucy Michel

Lucy Michel is a ceramicist that has caught our eye not only with her beautiful work & laid back style, but also with her amazing sense of humor (She is one of our favorite people to follow on instagram).

Scroll on down for the whole interview of this weeks Creative Creature:

Lucy Michel

 We are in Love with your work! What made you get into ceramics & is it your full time gig?

Thank you!!!  I initially got into ceramics because I was craving an artistic outlet that I could make with my hands. I've always been an artist in some capacity. I studied photography my whole life, went to college for it, and even grew up with a darkroom in my house.  However, after the digital revolution happened and film became a thing of the past, I sort of lost my love for the medium. I then spent my 20's designing jewelry, mostly ghost designing for other people's lines. It was amazing, but I started to crave something more sustainable, ethical, and more my own.  I took a ceramics class 5 years ago and never looked back.

I'm super lucky to say that ceramics is basically my full time gig. I've kept  my part time job and the amazing shop Midland because I still like having a little bit of security and I'm genuinely obsessed with the shop and the women that own it and work there :)

What is your favorite piece or style of work you've created? 

My favorite piece is the loop vase. It feels stylistically like something my parents/grandparents would have in their homes. I describe the loops and most of work as having a Modern California vibe which is the aesthetic I grew up with. Plus they make it really easy for you to look like a floral master :) 


Astrological Sign?


Guilty Pleasure? 

Bravo Network

Current Obsession? 

Cooking, I used to do it all the time and then really fell off. 


Favorite breakfast food? 

Toast. It’s my favorite food in general :) 

Favorite movie? 

Steel Magnolias

lucy kiln - close up.jpg

Cat or Dog? 


Lucy in our    Little Dipper Jacket

Hidden talent? 

Can flawlessly rap both the Eminem and Dr. Dre parts in "Forgot About Dre"


Explain your personal style in 5 words or less.

Californian Vintage  

To check out Lucy & her work you can follow her on

Instagram: @lucymichel


her website: www.lucymichel.com

Product photos of vases: Ashley Randall

Photographer: Aaron Greenberg 

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