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Lindsey Wall

Lindsey Wall

In the depths of Haiku, HI
We were lucky enough to meet up with this Santa Cruz song bird.
There was no better way to end the day
then with a cold beer, a north shore sunset 
& a serenade by
Lindsey and her guitar. 

Astrological Sign:


Guilty Pleasure:

Tequila & Dark Chocolate


Ideal super power:


Favorite breakfast food:

Sunny side up eggs. Everyday.


Favorite movie:

Notebook, Fried Green Tomatoes, & My Girl

New Obsession:

Pickles & rose water mist with two drops of lavender

Attic or Basement:


Hidden talent:

Bubble gum tricks

How old were you when you first started singing & playing guitar? Did you have lessons?

I started singing out of the womb, guitar at 10. I’ve had no lessons, all self taught.


Is it weird to hear yourself sing?

It is weird, but I’ve gotten use it. But hearing myself definitely helps me get better.

Photographer: Evan Margot | @evanmargot

Artist: Lindsey Wall | @lindseywallmusic

Lucy Michel

Lucy Michel

Sierra Prescott

Sierra Prescott